How aerator works?

In the early days, people used water in this way: when the tap was turned on, the water would rush out of the outlet. The flow rate was high, and the initial speed direction was not restricted. The water flow was not linear, but was nearly conical and irregular. Water was often sprayed to unnecessary places and even splashed on users. Although the faucet without bubbler has large flow rate and good water flow,but there are also some problems as follow:
1.Wasting As soon as the faucetis turned on, the outlet water is already at the maximum flow rate, with limited regulation range and unrestricted flow, which leads to the ineffective utilization of some water flows. For example, washing vegetables, a large flow and unrestricted flow of water, not only wasted water, but also did not wash the vegetables clean.
2.The shape of the faucetis not stable, and the water is easy to splash on the user.
3.There are impurities in the water supply pipeline. The impurities in the water supply pipeline will flow out with the water flow, and the water with impurities will be discharged, which also causes the waste of water resources.
4.There is no limit on the outlet pressure, and the water will feel painful when it hits the human skin.
Nowadays, aerator is an important invention in water supply technology. At present, most middle and high-grade faucets are equipped with aerator. The principle of the aerator is to accelerate the water beam from the faucet, forming multiple linear water flows and inhale air. The water and air are mixed in the aerator and then flow out through the wire mesh. The water flowing out contains aerator. The common aerator wire mesh is generally 24 layers. The more the layers, the better the aerator effect of the foaming device, the slower the water flow rate, The higher the water pressure, the better the aerator effect. The purpose of design of the aerator device is not to pursue the aerator effect, but mainly to soften the water flow. So as to eliminate or reduce splash and improve the convenience of water use. In addition, the aerator can reduce the flow rate of the faucet by 20%, so it has a certain water-saving effect.
However, due to the structural characteristics of the aerator(the aerator is easy to block). There are two reasons for blocking. One is that impurities in water block the small holes or mesh holes on the foam core. Some aerators have an upward convex filter screen at the water inlet, which improves the anti blocking performance of the aerator. But it can not be completely solved. The aerator still need to be removed and cleaned frequently. The other reason is that the scale forms a film on the screen, which is easy to form in hot water and high hardness tap water. At present, the faucet aerator uses stainless steel shell to install the aerator, and then screw it to the outlet of the faucet. Because of its high requirements for connection and sealing, it is not easy to remove, clean and replace. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a kind of aerator which is easier to clean and replace, and has a high market value.

What's the use of faucet aerator
The faucet aerator can make the water and air fully mixed, so that the water has foaming effect. With the addition of air, the scouring force of water is improved a lot, so as to effectively reduce water consumption and save water. The high-grade faucet is not as comfortable as the water splash.
Water saving: the aeratorcan make the flowing water and air fully mix to form the foaming effect, improvingthe scouring force and reducing the water consumption. The faucet with the aerator can save about 50% water than the faucet without the device.
Filtration: the multi-layer filter can filter most of the sediment and impurities, and the internal grid can filter the large particles of impurities (occasionally blocked, need to be cleaned).
Constant water flow / water output: with pressure compensation or flow limiting device (common in flower sprinklers), it can ensure a certain amount of water when the water pressure is too low, limitingthe water flow when the water pressure is too high, and stabilize the water output when the water pressure is unstable.
Splash proof and noise reduction: after mixing with air, the water flow is gentleand the impact force is reduced. The water column after buffering is even, and the water column vertically reduces the splash.

Working principle of faucet aerator
The aeratoris a device installed at the outlet end of the water nozzle to mix (increase) air when the water comes out. The hand feeling of hand washing is more comfortable, but it is inferred from this that "it can make the flowing water and air fully mix, reduce the water pressure. At the same time, it improve the scouring force of water, so as to effectively reduce the water consumption". But it's really irresponsible.
From the point of view of the principle of fluid continuity, the aerator essentially reduces the jet velocity, impact force and impulse of tap water (it also admits that the outlet water pressure is reduced).
The faucet aeratoris to change the "pipe flow" of water into "line flow" at the outlet of the faucetand change the "line flow" into "jet" through the air pressure. Then beat the water evenly through the "water distribution" to make the water soft. After the air pressure, the water has the power. And reducing the water flow at the same time does not affect the use. It can reduce water cost, energy consumption and discharge.
The water-saving nozzle can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, eliminate the possibility of bacteria breeding, and effectively maintain human health while saving energy and protecting the environment.

How to open the faucet blister?
1.Check the faucet to be disassembled carefully to see if there is a aerator. Some friends may think that the aeratorhas always been with the faucet, so they have never thought of removing the aerator.
2.Next, prepare a large vice. If the rubberband is dry rootand if you can't find this flat rubber band, you can also replace it with plastic film. The rubber band can be wound several times on the aerator. One is to prevent slipping, the other is to protect the aerator from being scratched.
3.Then use the vice to hold the aerator, rotate it clockwise, and then you can screw it off with a little bit of force. Find a coin to compare the length of the faucet outlet. The extender is suitable for matching your faucet. If you install this water faucet aeratorand extend it, you will not need to splash.

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